English Language

Entry Requirements:
At least 5 GCSEs graded 9-4 or A*-C. Grade B/6 is preferred in English.

Why Should You Take This Course?
The study of how the English Language is used in practice and how it varies between people is at the heart of this course. We will explore English scientifically using linguistic analysis. This two year course explores the way the English Language is used and how it changes depending on the context in which it is being used.

Course content
In the first year you will study the following:
Language and the Individual
The foundation elements needed in order to examine language in a technical manner
Analysis and comparison of a variety of texts
Language Varieties
Language diversity which explores language and Social groups, Occupation, Gender and Region
Texts revealing attitudes towards diversity
Language Discourses - A directed writing task on attitudes to language
In the second year you will study the following:
Language, the Individual and Society
Textual variations and representations - Analysis of texts linked by topic or theme
Children's Language development
Language Diversity and Change
Exploring the diversity of language and how it changes depending on context
Analysis of how language changes or has changed over the years
Analysis of how the texts use language to present ideas, attitudes and opinions
Directed writing task linked to the topic and ideas in a text

How will I be assessed?
There will be two exams at the end of the year.

What could I do next?
English Language A Level is well respected by Higher Education institutions.

How to apply for this course

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