Environmental Sustainability Subsidiary Diploma

Entry Requirements:
At least 4-5 GCSEs graded 9-4 or A*-C and an interest in the environment and sustainability issues.

Why Should You Take This Course?
This qualification is a broad one that relates to geography, world development, business, economics and science. Content is aimed at students wanting to work in the environmental sustainability and management sectors e.g. waste disposal, urban development, coastal management and the business environment. The UK government have introduced significant legislation related to international climate agreements, conservation and a low carbon economy and how to combat global warming. It is important that organisations and individuals understand why and how we can meet these agreements.

Course content
Course content will include some of the following:
The principles of sustainable development
Sustainable communities
Science for environmental technicians
The business environment
Waste management
Coastal management
Sustainable transport
Geology of natural resources
How will I be assessed?
Assessment is completed through assignment work. There will be a variety of assessments including presentations, written work, case studies and field work.
Are there any special expenses?
There will be fieldtrips that students are advised to go on throughout the course and students should be prepared for this and a small cost related to them.
What could I do next?
This qualification would be useful for students wanting to work in any of the fields within the course as well as for organisations such as the Environment Agency or Forestry Commission. It may lead into apprenticeships or university as well as employment.

How to apply for this course

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