History-Medieval A Level

Entry Requirements:
At least 5 GCSEs graded A*-C including English at grade C/4 or above.

Why Should You Take This Course?
History provides the fundamental framework for all our actions, both as individuals and as members of the wider community. You will deal with reading, research, source analysis and essay writing.

Course content
Some of the principal events of the eleventh and twelfth centuries constitute the framework for the Medieval History Course.
AS: Year 1
You will study the origins and development of the Crusades between 1071 and 1149. The difficulties of the Byzantine Empire and the rise of the Seljuk Turks will form the backdrop to an examination of the motives for Pope Urban's preaching of the crusade and the reasons for the dramatic response to his call for an 'armed pilgrimage' to Jerusalem. The reasons for the success of the First Crusade will be considered along with the Crusader states and their subsequent success and development. You will examine the Muslim revival under Zengi and Nur al-Din plus the origins and Course of the Second Crusade. The reign of Henry II (1154-89) will form the other unit of study at AS. Henry II's ability to restore royal authority following the 'anarchy' will be examined along with his clash with the Church that led to the martyrdom of Thomas Becket. You will study Henry's role as ruler of the Angevin Empire along with the downfall of one of England's greatest kings.
A2: Year 2
You will study the decline and fall of the Crusader states between 1149 and 1187 and the role of Saladin in the revival of Muslim power that culminated in the re-capture of Jerusalem. You will consider the role of Richard 'the Lionheart' in the Third Crusade, study the Fourth Crusade and the reasons for the Crusader sack of Constantinople in 1204. The rule of Richard I and King John will form the basis for the other period of study for the full A Level. The Angevin struggle with France under Richard and John will be studied and the reasons for the dramatic collapse of Angevin power in 1204 examined. Consideration of the impact on England of the policies Richard and John and the degree each contributed to the evolution of Magna Carta form the concluding features of this unit.

How will I be assessed?
Assessment will take the form of document response and essay writing under exam conditions, together with one Coursework assignment in the second year.
Are there any special expenses?
Students are advised to purchase some books to supplement supplied text books.

What could I do next?
History is a popular subject for Higher Education and the transferable skills it cultivates are applicable to a wide variety of careers, including Banking, Journalism and the Civil Service.

How to apply for this course

2017-2018 ENTRY: Apply for this course by completing an online form
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