Chemistry A Level

Entry Requirements:
At least 5 GCSE's graded A*-C, preferably a grade B/6 in Maths plus a B or above in Science with a minimum average of 43 GCSE points.
We highly recommend students study AS Maths in order to maximise their achievements in this subject.

Why Should You Take This Course?
Chemistry is critical to solving today’s problems; faster and cheaper drug development; cleaner and more economical fuel sources; safer air and drinking water; biotechnology to improve health and food sources around the world; nanotechnology to reduce the size and environmental impact on many consumer goods and green industrial processes to prevent pollution.
An A Level in Chemistry will enable you to contribute to these developments in the future.

Course content
Syllabus: OCR B (Salters)
Salters Chemistry is a context-led approach. Learners study Chemistry in a range of different contexts, conveying the excitement of contemporary chemistry. This specification places a particular emphasis on an investigational and problem-solving approach to practical work and has been developed by the University of York.
AS: Year 1 includes the storylines Elements of Life, Developing Fuels, Elements from the Sea, The Ozone Story, and What's in a Medicine?
A Level: Year 2 includes the storylines The Chemical Industry, Polymers and Life, Oceans, Developing Metals, and Colours by Design.

Are there any special expenses?
All personal protective equipment (lab coats, goggles, gloves) are provided. This Course recommends two text books, Chemical Storylines and Chemical Ideas, RRP £25 each. You will need to purchase a lab book for £2 from the Cashier's Office.

What could I do next?
Chemistry is essential for degrees in Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Chemical Engineering, Pharmacology, and Veterinary Sciences.

How to apply for this course

2017-2018 ENTRY: Apply for this course by completing an online form
2017-2018 ENTRY: Download an Application Form to fill in and post