Film Studies GCSE (Advanced Foundation Programme)

Entry Requirements:
At least 2 grade C's/4's at GCSE plus a range of D-E grades.

Why Should You Take This Course?
Film Studies is designed to enrich your understanding of film. This course is for anyone who enjoys going to the cinema, but wants to know far more about how films are constructed and how they create meaning. The course will teach you about how the film industry works, how to analyse film and how audiences engage with film.
Film is still a relatively new art form and it is an exciting and challenging subject to study. You will be exposed to a wide variety of films that will enrich your understanding of the world. Film Studies can be at once a challenging and demanding subject, but at the same time it is highly accessible and great fun to study.

Course content
We will look at a variety of film issues and debates across the course. We will study film language, including: mise-en-scène, cinematography, editing and sound - the micro elements of film, genre and narrative - the macro elements of film and how and what films communicate - representations and ideologies. We will also look at film organisations and industry including film funding, sources for films and the main roles in production. Finally you will investigate the issues raised by films produced for a diverse range of audiences.

Are there any special expenses?
There are no special expenses that are required on this course.

What could I do next?
Film Studies complements a range of other subjects, such as English Literature, Media Studies, Sociology, and Art and Design. The course is fantastic for helping you improve your literacy skills, critical thinking skills and analytical skills. These skills are highly valued by Universities and employers.

How will I be assessed?
The course is 50% exam and 50% coursework. In the coursework you will complete one film exploration (industry research and analysis) and one film production (pitch, pre-production and production). This is designed to build on your own personal experiences of consuming and responding to film.
There are two exams on the course. The first exam is called Exploring Film and will explore your understanding of film language and key industry and audience issues. The film genre that you will study for this unit is changed every three years. In the past topics have been Superhero films, Disaster films and Science Fiction films. The second exam is called Exploring Film outside Hollywood and focuses on characters, narrative, themes and issues in films from around the world.

How to apply for this course

2017-2018 ENTRY: Apply for this course by completing an online form
2017-2018 ENTRY: Download an Application Form to fill in and post
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