Students visit Auschwitz

26 February

Students visit Auschwitz

Students from English, Humanities and Languages were taken by department staff Sarah, Amy and Darryl to visit Krakow, Poland on 21st-23rd February. The three day trip included guided tours of both the Jewish Quarter in Krakow and the area used as the Jewish Ghetto by the Nazis during WWII, a visit to the Schindler Museum and a tour of Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum. The trip was intense: it gave the students an insight into the history of Jewish people in Poland and the persecution they endured under the Nazi regime.

One student commented ‘I had a unique experience whist in Poland and wouldn't hesitate to go back. I found the visit to Auschwitz informing because it gave me a firsthand experience as to what the camp was like - our guide was great and educational. I had an amazing time whilst in Poland and would go back in a heartbeat.’

Another student commented ‘Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the trip and thought it was really well organised. I think it was good that the walking tours were split into two hours, or else I think we might have all frozen! I really enjoyed the trip and learnt lots, so thank you very much for taking us!’

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