Cavendish Pupils Make It Count!

06 July

Cavendish Pupils Make It Count!

A group of Year 9 pupils from Cavendish School in Eastbourne recently took part in Make It Count Day at Bexhill 6th Form College. The event allowed the pupils to develop their numeracy skills through a range of practical, problem-solving activities.

Kevin Higginson, Subject Leader for GCSE Mathematics at the College said:

"Here at Bexhill College, in partnership with local high performing schools, we are aiming to promote creative and stimulating approaches to teaching mathematics. This approach should interest and engage students, giving them the confidence and skills to succeed in using mathematics in future work and everyday life."

The event aimed to give pupils the confidence to contemplate studying subjects that incorporate the use of quantitative skills, such as Geography, Psychology and Economics. Pupils also gained exposure to the facilities and resources that students studying at a specialist sixth form college benefit from.

There was positive feedback from pupils who attended with comments including: “We would like to spend more time here” and “The staff were helpful, friendly and informative."

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