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About The Izzard Theatre.

Bexhill College

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Inside The Izzard Theatre

  • The building features a 200-seat theatre
  • Drama Studio
  • Music Rooms
  • Recording Studio
  • Hair Salon
  • Catering Kitchen
  • Conference Facilities
  • I.T Rooms

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Introducing The Izzard Theatre

The College’s new multi-million pound development is titled the Izzard Theatre in honour of Bexhill’s most famous son, and Eddie followed the opening ceremony with a special performance to an audience of just 200 people.

Principal Karen Hucker said: ‘We are proud to name our new theatre after Eddie who is a role model both nationally and internationally as an entertainer and charity ambassador. Eddie has achieved great things in his career and also done so much for charitable causes, so it seemed fitting that we honour his successes by naming our theatre after him.’

Eddie said: ‘I am very happy that this new theatre is opening in Bexhill. The fact that it is to be called the Izzard Theatre’ is completely amazing and bonkers at the same time. In case my career ever goes backwards, the College has my permission to change the name of the theatre to the ‘Blizzard Theatre’ and say it was named after Antarctic explorers.’

Eddie’s performance was followed in style on Sunday 15 December by the On an Ordinary Sunday gala show featuring Bexhill College Performing Arts students accompanying West End stars. The standard of entertainment was exceptionally high all weekend and sets a precedent for all future performances in the Izzard Theatre.

The Izzard Theatre building features a 200-seater theatre which is complimented by a drama studio, music rooms, recording studio, hair salon, catering kitchen, conference facilities and IT rooms.

Hiring The Izzard Theatre

The Izzard Theatre is available to hire for performances by touring and local theatre companies, as well as community groups for conferences and other events.

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Upcoming Performances

There are a number of exciting upcoming performances at the Izzard Theatre. Click the link below for more details or to book tickets.

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