2022 September Admissions Info

This area is specifically designed for our new students starting in September 2022. It has been created to keep students and parents/guardians informed during the current situation.

Hopefully the information below will prove useful to you. If you do have any further questions however, please do contact our Admissions Team on admissions@bexhillcollege.ac.uk or 01424 214545 ext. 1166.

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The 7th, 8th or 9th September are induction days, student will attend one of these days only. All enrolled students will receive an email on Monday 5th September by 6:00pm informing students which day they will need to attend for induction. Times will also be detailed in the email.

New students will receive this email via their provided email at the date of their application. Returning students should check their College email.

September 2022 - Issue 3 (31.08.2022)

The 7th, 8th or 9th September are induction days, student will attend one of these days only. All enrolled students will receive an email on Monday 5th September by 6:00pm informing students which day they will need to attend for induction. Times will also be detailed in the email.

New students will receive this email via their provided email at the date of their application. Returning students should check their College email.


Enrolment will take place following GCSE results day from August 25th onwards. You will be sent an individual appointment time in July for your enrolment interview which is where you will make your final course choices. You will have your GCSE results by then and this will help you confirm your preferences. Please check back closer to the time for further information.


As a Bexhill College student, you’ll have access to a wealth of Enrichment opportunities, which take place within lessons as well as our excellent range of activities students can join in with outside of lessons.

Enrichment is designed to extend and develop both you as a student and enhance the classroom learning that you experience at Bexhill College, in the hope and expectation that you can move forward as capable, resourceful and enquiring individuals.

The enrichment booklet for 2022-23 will be available at your final interview in August. You will have the opportunity to discuss enrichments during your enrolment.

Transition Information & Preparatory Work

Learning between leaving school and starting at Bexhill College which will help you prepare for your studies

Some Year 11 students and their secondary school have been asking what work can be provided to support the move to College. Bexhill College will provide a number of opportunities for students prior to the Summer break:

From 1st July, after your exams have finished, we will provide a number of broad introductory activities for students to do. This will be sent via the schools (if it’s a local partner school) and via e-mail to all students who have applied to us.

The activities provided are generic and many are not specific to any particular course post-16. The aims of these activities are to offer a range of useful work for prospective students to develop skills which will be useful for their post 16 studies whatever course they wish to follow at this time. These activities are not aimed at being a formal induction to any course and will not need to be submitted.

Alongside these activities, we would recommend students:

– Work on really knowing and understanding the content of their GCSEs – particularly in the subjects they have applied to do post-16 as this content forms the basis of the next stage of learning

– Proactively look at the content of their post 16 chosen subjects by researching specifications (there will be links to this on the Transition Event – see below) and find out more about this content by using a wide range of online providers such as Futurelearn, Coursera, Khan Academy, iTunes U, Bitesize etc. many of these provide free content which will help you to explore your chosen courses

We will also invite you to a Transition Event which will have an online and face to face element. The activities linked to this event are more subject-specific and will form part of the induction to the courses post-16. The work set will be designed to help students start their course in September with confidence and help them to feel they have kept in touch with learning in the subjects they are interested in. Most students will enjoy doing this work.

Students are to complete the work set that relates to the course areas they have applied for, but they are encouraged to look at other subjects as an opportunity to develop their knowledge. In fact, some students do change their mind about the courses they want to study over the Summer period so this gives them a good opportunity to look at a wide range of subjects to help with this decision.

All students that have confirmed their place at Bexhill College for September 2022 by the confirmation date will be sent an invitation to the Transition event with login details to the online element. It is not a huge amount of work and is not intended to take all of the Summer holiday. We know students need the opportunity to socialise with their friends and relax over the Summer.

Do I need to start my post 16 studies early?

Students do not need to worry about beginning their studies early. The activities mentioned in the question above will provide you with enough preparation prior to September.

We understand you may be concerned that you may have missed some of the GCSE learning due to the pandemic and you might think this will impact your knowledge for post-16 study. There is no need to worry. The College will ensure that you are supported fully to refresh your knowledge and identify any areas where you may need revision. There will be sufficient time to do this once you start College.

Schools have worked incredibly hard to make sure their students have caught up missed learning over the past two years and covered their course content. Therefore, by the time you start College, you may not have as many gaps as you think. However, if you are concerned, there are lots of revisions texts you could access over the summer along with online learning opportunities, much of which is free. Doing anything like this will help your transition.

You will have developed a lot of independent study skills during the pandemic. These skills will help you with any additional self-directed study you wish to do during the holidays but will also be useful as you progress into post-16 education.

As well as undertaking the work suggested above, you should use the Summer to enjoy yourselves and relax. The summer break provides an ideal opportunity to start doing things you enjoy. All recreational activities are extremely important for your health, well-being and mental stimulation. It is important you focus on what you enjoy doing and take time to do this over the summer as well as relaxing and spending time with your family and friends.

In taking time for yourself, you will be well-rested and ready to take on your post-16 studies in September.

Can I visit the College before September?

The College offered two open evenings in October 2021. However, if you missed these, we are offering tours during the day and after 3:45 pm during the week. Please keep an eye on our website and social media for any additional tour dates.

Transition days in July will also offer you’re the opportunity to visit the College before September.

New Student Interview Process

Please complete the application on Careers East Sussex or via our website and the College will contact you to come in for an interview. Applications should be with us by 14th January 2022. This will guarantee you can be offered a place on the courses of your choice, subject to your predicted qualifications. Later applications may mean some popular courses become full.

Please e-mail admissions@bexhillcollege.ac.uk or telephone 01424 214545 with any queries.

New Parents/Carers Evening

Information regarding New Parents/Carers Event will be sent out via email to all our applicants’ parents in June 2022.

College Videos & 360 Tour

College Videos

Throughout the year, we produce lots of videos which share content about what it is like to be a Bexhill College student, what the courses are like, what the facilities are like and much more.

Hopefully this content will prove useful to you as you firm up your subject choices and prepare to join us this September.

Please find some video links to our YouTube channel below. We will continue to add to these in the coming weeks so please keep checking our website.
• Bexhill College overview – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EnhWDglcdb8
• Year in the Life 2019/20 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4GYVtVf6508
• Day in the Life of a Bexhill College student – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PXzEP99DCI&feature=youtu.be
• Year 11 Assembly video (shown at local schools last autumn) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1UdTY9Qob_U
• Courses at Bexhill College – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGCCGqg1Dgc
• Facilities at Bexhill College – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pvevvaa0Nzo (Students’ opinions) and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-GErl7Z6sP0 (Facilities themselves)
• Support at Bexhill College – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0NiNh-A3594
• Settling in to Bexhill College – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKPxjRiw-p0&list=PLhXTqecVPBX0DsGJnxcxjq-dk46oswK0V&index=8&t=0s

We understand that you’ve not been at school for a while now and won’t have seen some of you friends for some time, but don’t worry, settling in at College will be well supported as we are experienced at that. Our International students travel long distance to a place where the people and environment is completely new. See how they felt about settling in by watching the above link.

360 Tour

We also have a 360 tour of our College for you to have a look at and familiarise yourself with before you start –

Health & Wellbeing

Our Health & Wellbeing Team have put together some useful information to help you keep active.

Please follow the link below for their suggestions –

Self-care Guide

Self-care is all about what you can do to help yourself feel better or to keep yourself feeling good. It’s a way that we can look after our own mental health and wellbeing.
Click on the link below to open a PDF guide about self-care.

Guidance for Bursary/Discretionary Financial Support & 19+ Discretionary Learner Support

Students whose household income is lower than £29,000, are eligible to apply for the Bexhill College Bursary – 16-18 Bursary/Discretionary Financial Support and 19+ Discretionary Learner Support – for the academic year 2022 – 2023.

The guidance and application form will be available on the Bexhill College website from May 2022.

Please note bursary assistance is not available for students who are under 16 at the 31st August 2022

Student Accommodation

We have student accommodation located near to the College which is used annually by international students. This accommodation is also available for our home students, if required.

For more information about our student houses, please visit our website – https://www.bexhillcollege.ac.uk/international/accommodation.shtml

If you’d like to speak to someone about our accommodation, please contact Admissions – admissions@bexhillcollege.ac.uk / 01424 214545 ext. 1166.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I hear back about my application?

Once your application has been processed it will be acknowledged on Careers East Sussex (if you applied this way) and an acknowledgement e-mail will be sent.

When will I hear about my advisory interview?

Advisory interviews are held during the Spring Term. The College will contact students with an interview date.

How can I change my course on my already submitted application prior to interview?

Do not worry, your courses are discussed at your interview and you can change your mind then.

When will I need to make my final course choices?

You will have a second interview in August after your GCSE results and you will be able to discuss changing your courses and finalise your options then.

What happens if I get better grades than expected or I don’t get the grades needed for my chosen course?

Following your advisory interview, you are offered a place at the college and we identify the courses that you want to take. We recognise that it is a long time before your application and arriving and somethings can change. For example, you may get better grades than you expected or things may not go to plan. Please do not worry about this, we will discuss your options and an alternative course for you during your enrolment interview in August.

What phone number will I be called on if I am having a telephone interview?

We will call you using each of the numbers listed on your application until we contact you.

Who will interview me?

You will be called by one of our senior teaching staff who has an excellent knowledge of all the courses across the college and can provide you with any advice you may need.

What will happen if I miss my interview?

Please contact admissions@bexhillcollege.ac.uk. We will re-arrange your interview. Please do not worry you will not lose your place.

When and how will I receive my offer?

After your advisory interview we will send your offer within 2 working term time weeks. The offer will be sent via Careers East Sussex. If you did not apply via Careers East Sussex we will send your offer via e-mail.

Can I visit the College before September?

The College is offering individual tours l and these can be booked on our website.

How do I apply for the Bursary?

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If you wish to apply for 2023-24 academic year, please complete the online application form.

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