Criminology Subsidiary Diploma

Entry Requirements:
At least 4-5 GCSEs graded 9-4 or A*-C including a grade C/4 or above in English.

Why Should You Take This Course?
This is a new and exciting course for anyone interested in understanding crime, its causes and the impact of crime on society, along with prevention and the ways in which justice is administered. You will learn the reasoning behind why people break the law, why some groups are more likely to commit crime or be seen as breaking the law, as well as looking at who makes and enforces the law. The course will provide you with a range of transferrable skills. This course could go with: Law, Psychology, Science and Public Services.

Course content
Unit 1: Changing Awareness of Crime
Different types of crime
Influences on perceptions of crime
Why are crimes unreported
Unit 2: Criminological Theories
Why people commit crimes
Causes of criminality
Social changes
Unit 3: Crime Scene to Courtroom
Legal personnel involved in criminal investigations
The process of a trial
Lay people
Unit 4: Crime and Punishment
Processes of bring the accused to court
Aims of punishment
Forms of punishment
Agencies in achieving social control

How will I be assessed?
You will be assessed via controlled assessment and an exam.

Are there any special expenses?
There is a trip to London which is offered to all Criminology students and is an optional part of the course. This trip is an opportunity for students to see the real life application of the theory, which they are learning.

What could I do next?
Criminology is often used to progress onto a single discipline at university or as part of a joint honours degree. However, it is also an important component in many other degrees such as law and psychology as it involves many transferrable skills for many other disciplines. Studying criminology often leads to careers such as the Police, forensics or the legal profession.

How to apply for this course

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