Entry Requirements:
At least 5 GCSEs graded 9-4 or A*-C including a grade C/4 or above in English.

Why Should You Take This Course?
If you’re looking for a subject which will help you develop the skills of clear thinking and analysis, then philosophy is ideal. If you want a subject that is well regarded by employers and universities, then philosophy fits the bill. If they’re your only reasons for doing philosophy, then you’ll need to think very carefully before opting for it. For philosophy is a difficult, challenging subject that demands the effort and perseverance you’ll only possess if you’re interested in its central questions. They are the reason to study philosophy.
Philosophy combines well with any humanity or social science subjects and with mathematics and the sciences.
If these questions strike you as interesting and important, you should consider Philosophy:
• What is knowledge and how do we obtain it?
• Can I know there is an external world?
• Could you be a brain in a vat?
• Is there a coherent definition of God?
• Are there any good arguments for the
existence of God?
• How can we (really) explain the fact that
there is evil?
• Is my mind just my brain?
• Do I have freewill?
• Could a computer be a person?
• Is it the consequences of an action or your intentions that matter in judging if it’s right
or wrong?
• Is morality objective or subjective?

Course content
Paper 1: Theory of knowledge (epistemology) and moral philosophy.
Paper 2: The philosophy of mind and the philosophy of religion.

How will I be assessed?
There will be a 3 hour examination.

What could I do next?
Philosophy is a respected, traditional academic subject, study of which indicates a capacity to think in a clear and structured fashion and to handle difficult concepts. It is excellent preparation for any arts or humanities degree and is also often studied jointly with languages, mathematics and sciences. It can lead to careers in, for example, education, the civil service, general management, the financial sector and entertainment.

How to apply for this course

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