Mathematics with Further Maths

Entry Requirements:
A grade 7 or above in Maths is preferred. Further Maths must be taken as part of a 4 subject A Level programme and students must meet the College entry requirement for this.

Why Should You Take This Course?
Students who take Further Mathematics demonstrate a strong commitment to their studies, as well as learning Mathematics that eases the transition to any Mathematics-related degree. For someone who enjoys Mathematics, it provides a challenge and a chance to explore new and more sophisticated mathematical concepts. Please note, Maths with Further Maths counts as two A Level options.

Course Content
Algebra and functions, Co-ordinate geometry, Sequences and series, Differentiation, Integration, Trigonometry, Exponentials and logarithms, Numerical methods and Vectors, Complex numbers, Numerical solution of equations, Coordinate systems, Matrix algebra, Proof, Inequalities, Differential equations, Vectors, Hyperbolic functions.
During the two years the following applications
are studied:
Statistics, which includes Statistical models, Data representation and summary, Probability, Correlation and regression, Discrete and continuous random variables.
Mechanics, which includes Mechanical models, Vectors, Kinematics, Particle dynamics, Statics of particles and rigid bodies.

How will I be assessed?
At the end of the first year you will sit exams that make up an A Level in Maths. In the second year you will take an A Level in Further Maths.

Are there any special expenses?
Students are advised to provide a graphical calculator and have access to a computer. As a minimum, students are required to have a Casio FX991EX calculator.

What could I do next?
A Further Mathematics qualification is desirable for many careers and a number of Higher Education courses, including Engineering, Maths and Physics.

How to apply for this course

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