Film Studies

Entry Requirements:
At least 5 GCSEs graded 9-4 or A*-C.

Why Should You Take This Course?
The aim of this course is to provide competence in the critical reading of film, in your knowledge of micro and macro film form and the in your understanding of the development of genre and narrative. This course will develop your creative skills to enable you to design and construct your own film. It aims to develop ways that you can read film more deeply, to come up with more interesting insights into how film works, to have informed and intelligent reasons for liking or disliking a film and to write clearly, persuasively and above all insightfully about the things that you watch.

Course content
Year 1: Students will study the structure and form of film through the study of micro and macro film features, auteur and spectatorship. Students will study films from classic and contemporary Hollywood, mainstream and independent film and world cinema.
Year 2: Students will study a variety of filmmaker's theories and debates and several critical approaches to cinema. Students will study global film, silent film, documentary and experimental cinema.

How will I be assessed?
The course is 70% exam and 30% coursework. There are two exams and one piece of coursework:
Component 1: Varieties of Film Form (Exam)
This exam focuses on British and American film with an emphasis on the key elements of film form, spectatorship and ideologies and the production contexts of film.
Component 2: Global Filmmaking Perspectives (Exam)
This exam will focus on world cinema with an emphasis on filmmaker's theories, critical debates and narrative forms.
Component 3: Production (Non-Exam Assessment)
This allows students to create their own short film production or screenplay coupled with an evaluative analysis.

Are there any special expenses?
There are trips available to students on the course for which you will be asked to pay.

What could I do next?
Film Studies, because of its academic nature, leads to a wide range of humanities and arts courses at University and might prove useful as a stepping stone to a media, film or writing career or as a route into teaching.

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