Games Design (Digital Game Development)

Entry Requirements:
A range of GCSE grades D/E or 3/2.

Why Should You Take This Course?
This qualification is for you if you want to start a career in digital games development. It is designed for post-16 students and can be taken as part of a wider study programme. Digital game development is part of the creative computing industries, a sector that has outgrown the rest of the economy and generated over 300 billion of value for the UK since 2014. The UK creative industries are renowned across the globe, driving growth and investment. There are approximately 1.8 million people employed in creative industries occupations in the UK, of which digital games plays an important part. The jobs in this sector are varied and contribute to the quality of our digital games industry and film/TV special effects, to name but a few.

Course Content
This qualification has been developed in consultation with employers in the digital games sector to ensure you learn the skills and behaviours that will give you the best opportunity to be successful when applying for work. Course content includes, but is not limited to, planning and pitching, graphics, animation, game design and testing, 3D graphics and modelling. This makes for a very broad, useful curriculum of study, and development of a wide, vocationally desirable skillset.

How will I be assessed?
Eighty-three per cent of the qualification is mandatory and provides a base of skills, knowledge and behaviours expected by employers in the digital games production sector of the creative industries. These skills are central to understanding the diverse nature of the industry and to creating a successful portfolio.
The mandatory areas you cover include:
Digital production project (externally assessed)
Planning and pitching a digital media product
Digital testing
Narrative for digital media
Animation for digital media.

What could I do next?
Successful completion of the course will reward the learner with evidence of industry-specific skills, which would enable the candidate to stand out on entry to the workplace. When studied as part of a full study programme, typically alongside Maths or English, this qualification will give you an advantage when applying for an entry-level job in the creative industries (e.g. Games Tester, Junior Level Designer). Alternatively, on completion you may be able to progress further within the creative industries to a Level 2 Apprenticeship in an industry relevant setting. Finally, on completion of the qualifications, candidates will be equipped with both the skills and the qualifications, to gain a place on a related Level 3 qualification.

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