Functional English: Entry Level

Entry Requirements:
A range of E-G or 3-1 grades or no GCSE qualifications.

Why Should You Take This Course?
This course is designed to support students with their English Language development. You will be able to take this course if you have not achieved a grade 3 or above in GCSE English.

Course Content
This course will help you gain skills and confidence in English. It will help you to prepare for GCSE English, further study and future employment.

How will I be assessed?
1. Reading: 40 minutes assessment in class
Understand the main points of texts
Two source documents
Obtain specific information through detailed reading
Use organisational features to locate information
Read and understand texts in different formats
2. Writing: 40 minutes assessment in class
Plan, draft and organise writing
Two written texts required - one 50-75 words and one 75-100 each approximately
Sequence writing logically and clearly
Use basic grammar including appropriate verb-tense and subject-verb agreement
Check work for accuracy, including spelling
3. Speaking, Listening and Communication: up to 30 minutes with your teacher
Follow the main points of discussions
Use techniques to clarify and confirm understanding
Give own point of view and respond appropriately to others' point of view
Use appropriate language in formal discussions/exchanges

How to apply for this course

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