Science Foundation Year

Entry Requirements:
A grade 4/5 in Science and Maths but below the grades for A Sciences (6/6 in Science and 6 in Maths). This course is not suitable for students who have achieved below grade 4-4 in Science or not previously studied the GCSE.

Why Should You Take This Course?
The Science Foundation Year is a programme designed for students who wish to pursue A Level Science and Maths rather than the vocational alternative, but do not yet have the required grades (6/6 in Science and 6 in Maths), and who may have not studied the higher tier at school.

Course Content
You will follow the AQA Trilogy science course at higher tier which covers all of Biology, Chemistry and Physics alongside Higher tier Maths if you have not already achieved a grade 6 or better. For students who have achieved well in Maths there is the option of taking the Core Maths instead.
You can also take any 1 of the Level 3 certificate courses offered in the college including the Applied Science course or an AS course.

How will I be assessed?
You will sit 2 external exams for each of the 3 science subjects and 3 for GCSE Maths at the end of the year. During the course you will be set regular tasks and assessments to gauge your progress. There will also be practical tasks.

What could I do next?
If you achieve 6/6 or better in Science and 6 in maths you will be able to take any of the Science A Level courses in combination with other A Levels or vocational courses offered by the College.

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