Computer Science

Entry Requirements:

At least 5 GCSEs graded 9-5. Maths GCSE grade 6 is required.

Why Should You Take This Course?

There are more job opportunities in this industry each year than there are graduates available, by ratio of 3 to 1, with the upper range of earnings exceeding most other fields of study. Ignoring those facts, Computer Science is simply a fascinating study into the technological world of today and that of the future.

Course content
Computer Science is about the devices and systems that enable our digital age to exist. It is not a study of the software used every day in offices and homes but more about how these systems actually work, how they do what they do, their limitations, their strengths and the astounding way that humans have adapted basic logical thinking to create such amazing tools.
You will:

  • Learn to program using a high level (3GL) language
  • Appreciate the role of binary in storing numerical and non-numerical data
  • Understand the use of logic gates and Boolean Algebra
  • Grasp how software and hardware work together to form the systems of today
  • Visualise how the processor works by studying the Fetch-Execute Cycle
  • Know how data can be stored, sorted and searched through
  • Study the role of operating systems, explore networking and the way the internet works
  • Become aware of the client-side and server-side languages of the web
  • Understand how 4GL languages are used to manipulate data or diagnose illnesses
  • Produce a complete system from design to evaluation.

How will I be assessed?
You will be assessed by examination submission of a programmed solution to a problem of your choosing using language of your choice (20% of the marks).

What could I do next?
Specialise in Computer Engineering (programming), Game Design and Artificial Intelligence (AI) or explore the Cognitive Sciences, Data Handling, Aerospace Technology, Business Systems and much more.

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