Entry Requirements:

At least 5 GCSEs graded 9-5 including English, Science and Maths at grade 4 or above.

Why Should You Take This Course?

Psychology is a science that enhances practical research and essay writing skills as well as development of complex arguments. This course complements science and humanity subjects, it also involves using mathematical skills to analyse complex data through statistics. Students take part in experiments to improve their understanding of human behaviour.

Course content
Psychology is an ideal course for someone who is interested in the way people behave, feel and think. You will study a number of different topics related to everyday behaviour from a variety of viewpoints including biological, evolutionary and psychological approaches. For example, you will learn how not only genes and biochemical process influence your behaviour, but also parents and culture.
Year 1: Topics include: memory, attachment, biopsychology, abnormality, social influence plus a unit looking at the research techniques psychologists use to investigate behaviour.
Year 2: Topics include: relationships, aggression and stress. You will also be required to discuss issues and debate in psychology. In addition, you will develop your understanding of biopsychology and use your statistical knowledge to analyse data.

How will I be assessed?
All assessments are exam based. Question papers involve multiple choice, short answer questions, data analysis skills as well as essay questions.

What could I do next?
Psychology has many real-life applications. The evaluative and analytical skills learned can be applied to all manner of careers involving people. However, specific careers in Psychology, for example clinical or educational psychologist, require some form of post graduate training.

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