Mathematics GCSE

Entry Requirements:

The Government requires students who have not achieved a grade 4 (or higher) to re-sit GCSE or take Maths Functional Skills.

Why Should You Take This Course?

This is a stimulating and intensive course which focuses on the development of mathematical skills through various different aspects of mathematics. The course is specifically designed to meet the needs of the post-16 student aiming for a grade 4 or higher. It is primarily teacher-led with three taught lessons per week, plus at least one hour of independent study to consolidate your learning.

Course Content
The focus of the course is on key topics that will help students achieve a grade 4 or above. It builds upon the body of knowledge that students start off with but does not attempt to cover the whole specification. There is a clear systematic approach for each lesson. The emphasis is on the following;

  • Recall the routine facts
  • Revise the most frequently occurring exam topics
  • Repeat the revised content to become competent
  • Ready for exam – using past paper questions

How will I be assessed?
Students are assessed by three examinations in June. Students achieving a high grade 3 will have the opportunity of entering examinations in November.

Are there any special expenses?
Students are advised to have their own scientific calculator and a set of geometrical instruments. We also recommend buying a course revision workbook.

What could I do next?
Mathematics GCSE is a highly desirable qualification and is necessary for entry to many careers and courses in Further and Higher Education. For those students wanting to do a Social Science, ICT or Business there is an opportunity to enrol in Level 3 Core Maths.

How to apply for this course

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