Entry Requirements:

At least 5 GCSEs graded 9-5, including English plus a grade 6 or equivalent in French. Fast track A Level in one year is available for native speakers.

Why Should You Take This Course?

Studying French will be a challenging yet enriching experience. As well as gaining insight into other societies and cultures, it will foster your ability to multitask, improve your confidence, communication and social skills and your ability for critical thinking, all of which will give you an edge in today’s competitive job market.

Course Content
This course builds on knowledge, understanding and skills gained at GCSE. You will enrich your understanding of the society and culture of countries where French is spoken.

You will study a series of interesting and engaging themes which look at the changing and diverse nature of French society and artistic culture, including francophone music and cinema, along with aspects of political life and engagement in the French-speaking world.

You will study a French film and novel in depth plus researching an individual project of your choosing. Emphasis is placed on practical communication using topical authentic material, although translation and knowledge and application of grammar will form an integral part of your learning. Lessons are conducted largely in the target language and you will learn to present viewpoints, develop arguments, as well as analyse and evaluate spoken and written material. You will also have regular individual speaking support sessions with the French Assistant.

How will I be assessed?
You will sit three exams, consisting of two written papers and a speaking exam.

Are there any special expenses?
We would recommend buying a good bilingual dictionary and a self-study A Level grammar book.

What could I do next?
French is considered a ‘facilitating subject’ allowing access to a range of degree courses and professions.

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