Hospitality Subsidiary Diploma

Entry Requirements:

At least 4-5 GCSEs graded 9-4, including English or Maths at grade 4 or above.

Why Should You Take This Course?

This course has been developed in the hospitality industry to give you the opportunity to enter employment in the hospitality industry or continue to Higher Education. These qualifications also give you the opportunity to develop a range of skills, techniques, personal skills, and attributes essential for successful performance in working life. A Subsidiary Diploma is a practical, work-related course which is equivalent to one AS/A level and is a one or two-year course.

Course content In the 1st year, the Certificate in Hospitality consists of a core unit:

  • The Hospitality Industry
  • Plus 2 specialist units such as:
    • Food and Drinks Service
    • Planning and Managing a Hospitality Event
    • Food Service Organisation

In the 2nd year, the Subsidiary Diploma in Hospitality consists of the following core units:

  • Principles of Supervising Customer Service Performance in Hospitality, Leisure, Travel and Tourism
  • Providing Customer Service in Hospitality
  • Plus 2 specialist units such as:
    • Food Service Organisation
    • Events Organisation
    • Environment and Sustainability in Hospitality

You may have the opportunity to do some work experience in a variety of different Hospitality settings. We will arrange these for you and will take your preferences into consideration.

Are there any special expenses?
There may be costs for travel to placement, in addition to some trips.

How will I be assessed?
There are no exams for this qualification, you will be assessed on coursework.

Additional Information

Equivalent to 1 A Level

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