Entry Requirements:

A range of 1-2 grades in Maths or no GCSE qualifications.

Why Should You Take This Course?

This course is designed to support students with their mathematics development, studying and improving your fundamental number skills (calculations including fractions and decimals) and, extending your understanding of maths to geometry, statistics, and simple algebra. You will be able to take this course alongside a Level 1 vocational course at college.

Course content
This course will help you gain skills and confidence in mathematics. It will help you to prepare for GCSE Maths in the following year, further study, or future employment.
The content is primarily number skills, as well as some topics that are taught to help you prepare for GCSE Mathematics.

How will I be assessed?
A controlled assessment within the classroom, based around a variety of number skills. There are three different levels you can achieve, from Entry Level 1 to Entry Level 3. After the assessments are completed students will begin to prepare for GCSE study in the following year.

How to apply for this course

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