A competition to reward the best young translators in the European Union

24 November

A competition to reward the best young translators in the European Union

Juvenes Translatores (Latin for "young translators") is an annual translation contest for students attending secondary schools or colleges in the European Union (EU). It is organised by the European Commission's Directorate-General for Translation (DGT).

It is an annual contest open to pupils turning 17 that calendar year the 2017 contest was open to pupils born in 2000. Contestants translate a one-page text in any one of the 552 language combinations possible among the 24 official languages of the EU, using paper dictionaries only (no electronic devices allowed).

This year's competition took place on Thursday 23rd November at 9am (10am Brussels time).

The objectives of the Juvenes Translatores contest are to promote:
language learning
translation as a career

The contest aims to raise young people's awareness of how language skills help Europeans to communicate better and work towards a common understanding. It also points out the importance of diversifying the languages we learn in order to increase multilingualism and intercultural understanding, and highlights the benefits of studying translation, given the ever-growing need for translators in Europe. Contestants sit the test at the same time despite the time difference between Brussels and their home countries.

All entries are evaluated by DGT translators, and the best translation from each EU country is selected. The winners chosen from each EU state are invited to collect their award from The EU Headquarters in Brussels in the spring.

This year, Bexhill 6th Form College entered five of our most promising linguists:

Ginevra Rescigno
Simone Ondrovic
Alice Mase
Jevic Sarmiento
Sumayyah Eshekh-Alonso

This talented group tackled a variety of texts in English, French, German and Spanish and tried their best to give the best translation.

Here are some quotes:

Sumayyah: "This competition was a great experience! It was a great opportunity to enhance my bilingual skills.

Simone: "The Juvenes Translatores was a new experience for me. I've taken part in language competitions before but I have never been asked to translate before. When I found out about taking in part in this year's competition, I had no doubts about talking part. It was a challenge for me because I wanted to know if I would be able to translate a text from one language to another and for it to have the same effect on the reader. The competition had a nice atmosphere, I concentrated really well and I hope that in the future I will go to Brussels because it's my dream to visit this city.

Ginevra Rescigno: "When my French teacher talked about this competition, I immediately felt enthusiastic. I always wanted to test my ability in translation in such an international context. The text weren't too difficult, but you have to be careful when translating because there are many different expressions that can be translated in different ways. I found it pretty challenging but I thought that is was great fun! I also like the fact that me and some of my other friends were competing against students from our own country Italy. I am pretty proud to be competing for England! Thank you for this experience I will not forget it!

Jevic Sarmiento: "I'm Jevic, a Bexhill College student and I'm studying Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Spanish. I chose to take part in this events because it's an opportunity to show my abilities to translate and use my knowledge.

Alice: "I took part in the competition because I find it really important to study languages and maybe this could be a way to show other people how important it is. I found taking part in this competition really funny. Thanks for the T shirt!

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