Students Selected for Master Class at the University of Sussex

26 June

Students Selected for Master Class at the University of Sussex

Recently some of our most dedicated Economics and Business students were selected to attend a master class event organised by the Education Improvement Partnership and provided by the University of Sussex. The students found themselves in the privileged position of being able to attend a lecture on the trade and wider economic implications of the impending Brexit process. The lecture was delivered by members of the UK Trade Policy Observatory, and the students were then invited to ask the panel questions.

Logan Fountain, an A Level Business student, attended the event. In his opinion:

"The master class at the University of Sussex was a very helpful experience as it not only gave a good insight into the Business and Economics courses available at the University, but allowed for us to see what university is like, as we could see students going about their everyday life. It was also beneficial to view the facilities the university offers. The Professors were all very knowledgeable in their respected fields and the material they were showing us was all relevant and interesting. In all it was a very good day and helped massively in the decisions I need to make regarding university.

The students then had the opportunity to sample a range of seminars ranging from a session on branding, to one on international trade to another on game theory.

Simone Ondrovic, one of our international students commented:

"As an international student, I didn't know what to expect from a British University. I was very surprised about how many opportunities a person has at a university, how many resources they can use for their studies and how many communities they have such as dancing sessions, hobby meetings or even meetings for international students to help students to make new friends. UKTPO gave us an opportunity to talk about future problems of Brexit, which gave me an overview on the actual economic and business situation of UK. The seminar on Business Management taught me how consumers perceive different businesses and the way they think about them. In overall, it was a really nice experience, which I would not have in my home country.

This event is the latest in the enrichment programme that aims to provide opportunities to develop students' soft skills and to enhance their aspirations. The next event will see A Level Business students compete in the Gaby Hardwicke Business Challenge.

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