Super Student reaches the Summit

03 October

Super Student reaches the Summit

Since 2015, students in the Politics, Economics, Business & Law Section have been using their entrepreneurial flair to help people to escape poverty. In recent years students have participated in the WildHearts Group's Micro Tyco social enterprise competition and MicroLoan Foundation's Start Something project. As a result of our students' participation in Micro Tyco, the WildHearts Group offered Bexhill 6th Form College an invitation to their prestigious Global Entrepreneurial Leaders' (GEL) Summit in London on Thursday 26th September 2019. The WildHearts GEL Summit brings together some of the world's leading Corporate, Social and Founding Entrepreneurs to celebrate their vision of using business as a force for social and economic change.

Chloe Wilkinson, one of our Extended Diploma in Business students was selected to attend this year's event due to the successful enterprise activities she has participated in during her time at college.

Chloe commented:

"Throughout the Summit, sixteen inspirational speakers shared their stories of how they made the transition from a corporation that does business for profit, to a corporation that does business for good. Some speakers made a particular impact on me, including Dr Kamel Hothi and Erwin Telemans. Both CEOs have established businesses for the greater good, and took us through their incredible life journeys. Dr Hothi began life as a refugee, and Erwin has spent his career in Africa. They both shared stories relating to how they achieved the influential positions they are currently in.”

We are very proud of Chloe's participation in the summit and we are convinced that this experience will provide further grounding for the entrepreneurial career she hopes to forge.

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