La France, C’est Fantastique!

10 April

La France, C’est Fantastique!

Several of our AS French students recently went on a very successful exchange visit to N"mes, a beautiful historic town in the South of France. They went with their teacher Gail and nine students from Sussex Downs College, along with their teacher Liz.

Whilst visiting France, they stayed with their French exchange partners from the Lycée Albert Camus, who had previously welcomed into their homes last November. They spent six days visiting N"mes and the surrounding area, as well as attending lessons in a large but very welcoming French lycée for 16 to 19-year-old students.

There were many highlights of the trip. The group visited the centre of N"mes with its Roman amphitheatre, which is still being used for bullfights, concerts and even gladiator bouts! Their visit to the Pope's Palace in Avignon was brought to life with a new interactive resource, the ‘Histopad'. This enabled them to view how the palace would have looked several centuries before, by just holding up the tablet. Later that day, after enjoying a delicious and well-earned lunch in French restaurant, the students did not turn down the opportunity to dance on the bridge of Avignon, despite the fact it was blowing a gale!

Sunny Montpellier was a favourite destination for everyone. The group toured the picturesque city centre and secluded squares in a little white tourist train. They then spent several hours in a quirky French restaurant, sampling even more French specialities. The Veal's Head (Tête de veau) was declared ‘delicious' by one adventurous student! Afterwards, the group did some more sightseeing and sunbathing before returning to N"mes to eat (again!) in a crêperie, followed by a competitive game of bowling with their French partners. Formidable!

Before returning home, the weekend was spent with the exchange partners and their families, who did everything to make their visit a memorable one.

Here are some comments from the students' about their trip:

"The exchange was great! I had so much fun and made so many lovely friends. Plus, French food is incredible”.

"I had such an amazing time on the exchange. It was great to learn more about French culture food and school. I've made lots of friends both French and English”.

"The family I stayed with were lovely and my conversational French has definitely improved. Thank you”.

The students had a fantastic time and have all returned confirmed Francophiles; with improved linguistic skills, an appreciation of the fabulous food and the cultural and historical riches of N"mes. They now have great memories and, hopefully, long lasting friendships. À la prochaine!

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