Public Services Department Receive Armoured Vest

21 November

Public Services Department Receive Armoured Vest

Bexhill College is the latest college to receive a donation from international body armour manufacturer and distributor SafeGuard Clothing. As a Sixth Form College, the specialist education institution is committed to the same high standards of learning and providing excellent in-class experiences for its students.

To this effect, the donated bullet resistant vest from SafeGuard Clothing has since implemented in its Public Service Course. Students already benefit from a more heads-on approach in studying about protection and the different levels and standards of body armour they will be using in their line of work. In-class demonstrations can now better illustrate a number of activities relating to safety in the daily duties of police officers, security guards, military and other personnel.

SafeGuard Clothing is amongst the leaders in the sector of body armour manufacturing and distribution, and the brand's expertise offers real value to the educational program for college students. The donated ballistic resistant vest has been designed and manufactured to the highest standards of safety as mandated by the NIJ. This will allow students in Bexhill's Public Service course to understand how safety materials are designed and apply this knowledge in day-to-day tactical operations later on in their professional career.

Thomas Bowman, Communications Manager at SafeGuard, commented that ''SafeGuard is a brand built on innovation with a strong focus on public safety, which is the driving force behind this initiative. Our intent to take student learning experiences to the next level in the classroom will allow for detailed technical analysis across Uniformed Public Services programmes.''
SafeGuard Clothing is a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of body armour and is involved in research and development for new materials to enhance the wearability of protective body armour for public service employees.

Bexhill College has an advanced Public Services department that can implement the donated SafeGuard equipment to bring to life learning about safety in the classroom. The use of the bulletproof vest will be reflective of the workplace environment for the aspirational careers that students will choose later in life.

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