Zacís Extraordinary Economic Estimation

14 June

Zacís Extraordinary Economic Estimation

Zac Ward, one of our many outstanding first year students, used his economic analysis to impress staff at Churchill College, at the University of Cambridge. Zac was selected to represent Bexhill 6th Form College in the Winston Churchill Sixth Form Economics Competition. To compete, Zac was required to predict, to four decimal places, what the daily spot nominal Euro-Sterling exchange rate would be on 1st June 2019, before the deadline of 30th April 2019. He was also required to justify his prediction with a commentary of no more than 400 words, focusing both on economic analysis and interpreting political decisions.

Zac explained:

"When choosing the spot nominal value for Euro-Sterling on June 1st, I firstly considered the key events and dates around 1st June such as the EU parliament elections, emphasising the lack of knowledge around what will happen with Brexit. I then considered and researched wage growth, which linked to robust growth, less volatility in the pound and also increased confidence in investment in the UK. Taking these factors into consideration, I predicted the exchange rate to be 0.8741.Ē

Impressively, Zac achieved 2nd place out of a national field of over 200 competing students.

The organisers of the competition commented on Zac's achievement:

"A super achievement, given the excellent calibre of the submissions we received!Ē

Zac is now looking forward to enjoying his prize: a two-day overnight visit to Churchill College on 4th and 5th July 2019.

On 4th July, Zac will meet two Economics Fellows (academics), Nigel Knight and Alexey Onatskiy (who will give an introductory talk and taster Economics supervisions), as well as some of Churchill's Economics undergraduates. Zac will be shown around the campus and he will have a chance to chat with Jonathan Padley, the Admissions Tutor, before enjoying dinner at Churchill College that evening. The following day he will be invited to attend Churchill's Open Day, followed by some more teaching with Nigel, then a tour of Cambridge's Faculty of Economics to conclude his stay. Zac has also been awarded £75 by Churchill College.

Andy Pritchard, Head of Politics, Economics, Business & Law at Bexhill 6th Form College, commended Zac on his achievement, stating:

"Zac should be incredibly proud of this achievement, particularly as he completed his research and his justification during the Easter holiday. It is pleasing to see Zac's inquisitive nature, and his commitment to engage in learning outside of the traditional boundaries of the classroom, rewarded in this way.Ē

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