Law Students Experience the Drama of the Court

28 June

Law Students Experience the Drama of the Court

It’s often said the best way to learn about something is to actually experience it. This is what first year Law students at Bexhill College had the opportunity to do when they visited the Hastings Magistrates Court.

They took part in a Mooting competition (a mock trial), where they took on different roles from prosecution barrister, the defendant, the witness and the team for the defence. The winning students, Callum Fielding and Clara Smith, can be seen pictured above with the certificates.

Gemma Webb, Teacher of Law at the College, said:
"Congratulations to the winners of the Moot. This was a great opportunity for the students to apply the law as a legal professional."

Mooting is about persuading the Judge that your argument is correct as well as the challenging task of anticipating what the other side will state.

She added: "This was a valuable activity for all students as it develops their verbal and written skills, especially for those pursuing a career in law."

Conran Buis is an A Level Law student who attended the event. He said:
“The trip helped me to visualise what a career in law would be like. It was a thrill to see how courts like these operate, for example how they communicate with people from places like Brighton through monitors.

"As someone who wishes to pursue a career in the industry, the trip has been very beneficial.”

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