Bexhill College students experience University of Law Enrichment

05 March

Bexhill College students experience University of Law Enrichment

Over the half term break our students took part in Booster sessions run by the University of Law and Flipped Law and allowed our students to experience law from another perspective. These sessions were available to both the A level and BTEC students. The three different booster law sessions covered: Tort Law (Nuisance and Rylands vs Fletcher), Criminal Law (Mens Rea and non-fatal offences), Contract Law (Consideration and ITLR) all relevant to both specifications, but also an opportunity to ask questions and see how the teaching styles differ at university.


One student stated:

I was able to learn new topics with ease, the activities helped to understand the content and I liked the way the lesson was divided. I think what I found the most useful was the teacher explaining and giving us advice in how to answer exam questions such as specific cases. It was really enjoyable and it did not feel long at all. I was very pleased with the lesson plus I was able to ask a lot of questions.


Another stated:

One of the benefits is the amount of enrichment opportunities available regardless of online learning. I have taken part in other university of law sessions that have been offered, such as the live chat. I took part in all three sessions over the half term and found them all useful because we put all the information into a table or flowchart which helped summarise and consolidate everything.   


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