Write It Up Day 2022

13 July 2022

Write It Up Day 2022

Today, Year 9 pupils from Bexhill Academy and The St Leonards Academy took part in the Write It Up Day at Bexhill 6th Form College. The event allowed the pupils to develop their literacy skills by engaging in a project that required them to produce a review of the National Theatre’s production of Frankenstein for the College magazine.  The pupils had the opportunity to watch part of this play the College’s Izzard Theatre earlier this morning.

Sarah Harris, Head of English, Humanities & Languages, led the day and commented: “It has been a fast paced and dynamic day with a super group of young people who have worked hard to make the most of the day. I look forward to seeing them all again in a couple of years’ time and it would be a pleasure to have them in our classrooms.

The college offers a wealth of outstanding opportunities for its students and today the Year 9 pupils who attended Write It Up Day were given the chance to see where they might be in future and what they can aspire to do. I have really enjoyed spending time with pupils who have so much ambition and potential.”

This event intends to give pupils the confidence to consider studying subjects that rely upon the use of extended writing, such as History, Sociology, Politics and Classical Civilisation. The pupils also became familiar with the facilities and resources that students studying at a specialist sixth form college benefit from. There was positive feedback from pupils who attended. They said that their favourite part of the day was ‘writing the review’, ‘watching the production’ and ‘playing games’. Many of them stated that the best thing about the college was ‘the amazing’ teachers’ who were ‘kind’, ‘supportive’ and ‘treated us like adults’. They were impressed by the interactive teaching methods and open approach in lessons, commenting that they liked the sense of ‘freedom and trust’ which enabled discussions. They also really enjoyed using the facilities, specifically, ‘the vibrant classrooms’, the theatre, and the refectory. It was an excellent opportunity for the students to enjoy all we have to offer here at the college.

Bexhill College is looking forward to hosting this event again next year, offering more outstanding opportunities to a fresh new group of Year 9 students.

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