Information For Host Families

15 November 2022

Information For Host Families

Bexhill College is recruiting host families who can provide accommodation for our short and long-term international students and earn £145 a week by doing so.

International students come to study in England so that they can experience our culture and the way we live.  Therefore, one of the most important parts of their time with Bexhill College is to experience the way people live within their homes and for them to feel part of that. Where a student lives also strongly contributes to ensuring their studies are a positive experience.

The expectation of Bexhill College is that our host families include our students in family life to ensure they feel welcome and part of the family.

What we require from our host family accommodation

  • Provide the student with their own room with a bed, a desk and sufficient storage for their belongings.  The room should be exclusively for their use only.
  • The student’s room and the general living conditions are required to be clean and well-presented.
  • The student to have access to adequate heating, lighting, a bath/shower daily, clean bed linen and towels weekly with a supply of duvets and pillows as needed
  • Meals provided are breakfast, lunch (packed if required) and evening meals, including lunch at weekends if the student is at home. Please note lunches should not always consist of sandwiches.  Host families should provide a range of food for packed lunches and allow the student to make their own packed lunch if this is their preference
  • Allow the student access to a washing machine to wash their personal laundry.
  • The house to be heated to a minimum of 18 degrees between the hours of 6am to 8am and 4pm to 10pm.
  • Communicate well with the student regarding mealtimes, access to food, curfews, etc.

What we require from our host families

  • To welcome the student and treat them as part of the family, for example, eat meals together, take an interest in them and involve them in family activities/outings.
  • Be responsible for the welfare, safety, and security of the student during their stay.
  • Set boundaries and house rules concerning nights out, curfews, chores, etc. 
  • Respect the student’s different cultural background and be sensitive to the student’s needs.
  • Carry out safeguarding training

The above is not an exhaustive list and If you would like to apply to become one of our host families, please email We will then send you the complete information, guidance, expectations and the application form.


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