Bexhill College Alumni Graduate with Outstanding Results

19 August

Bexhill College Alumni Graduate with Outstanding Results

We are pleased to share the news that Bexhill College Alumni Paul and David Minter have both graduated from their respective universities this year with exceptional results.

Paul (pictured left, outside Senate House in Cambridge) and David (pictured right, inside the Brighton Centre) both studied at Bexhill College between 2011 and 2014. David studied A Level Computing, Mathematics, Electronics and Physics AS Levels, while Paul enrolled on Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, and Mathematics with Further Maths. Paul also taught himself an additional six Mathematics A Level modules to gain an A* in Additional Further Mathematics. Not only is it an outstanding achievement in itself to study 6 A Levels, but in addition to this, Paul achieved A*s in all of his chosen subjects as well as achieving the highest aggregate score in Maths. Both Paul and David completed their studies in 2014 in, arguably, the most academically challenging subjects in A Level education.

After completing their studies, David decided to pursue work for a short while, with Paul being accepted to study for an Undergraduate degree in Mathematics at the University of Cambridge in 2014. Paul gained a First Class degree with honours and went on to study for his Master's in Maths. In 2016 Paul was accepted to continue his studies with a PhD at Cambridge University. David was hired by Bexhill College for a couple of years as a key member of our cleaning support staff, supporting the College to maintain the high-quality learning environments it provides to students. In July 2019, he too decided to continue his education with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science for Games at the University of Brighton.

Fast forward to 2022 and one global pandemic later, the brothers have now completed their studies at the aforementioned universities. Paul has been honoured to accept a three-year position at The Institute of Advanced Research at Princeton University in New Jersey, USA; this was based on his field of research for his PhD which was on the Structure and Regularity of Stable Branched Minimal Hypersurfaces. Paul is keen to see where his position at Princeton University will take his research. David is keen to apply his new knowledge and skills and start working once again; he is currently seeking suitable employment.

Bexhill College Principal Karen Hucker commented: ‘We are really pleased to hear how well our ex-students David and Paul Minter have done in their degrees; congratulations to them both. We wish them the very best for their futures.’

David and Paul have expressed how much they enjoyed their time at Bexhill College and appreciate all the support they received over the course of their time here. We are always thrilled to hear that we have been able to assist with the educational development and outstanding futures of our students, both past and present. We would like to congratulate both David and Paul on their continued success in their education and further extend our best wishes for their outstanding futures yet to come.


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