Higher Education

Higher Education

Art & Design Foundation Diploma

Why should you take this course?

The course aims to provide the context in which you can build on previous experience and identify and interpret your strengths and specialist direction. This is achieved through continuous diagnostic and progressive exploration of methods and concepts particular to Art and Design.

Entry requirements

An Extended Diploma in Art & Design related subject or a combination of A Levels including Art & Design related subject, plus a portfolio of your work.

Course content

This diploma is a Level 3 qualification with Units 1-4 at Level 3 and Units 5-6 at Level 4. An example of some of the units are below:

Unit 2: You will acquire a broader experience of studio facilities and different media, e.g.  photography, textiles, resistant materials, ceramics.

Unit 4: You will demonstrate an awareness of creativity in your specialist area and continue to develop your personal visual language. The selection of media and materials related to your specialism will become more prominent and outcomes will be reviewed and analysed.

Unit 5: You will plan for a self-proposed and managed major piece of personal work and will be required to reflect on progress and achievement, identify your project aims, objectives and influences, and negotiate resource implications.

Unit 6: You will curate and install an exhibition of evidence, including the outcome of the project, e.g., painting(s), sculpture, garments, products, designs, installations, photography, film, digital imagery, etc.

How will I be assessed?

Regular, focused and individualised tutorials and assessments and group critiques.

Are there any special expenses?

Sketchbooks and portfolios and specialist materials for your final major project and trips and life drawing sessions.

What could I do next?

The specification is designed to prepare learners for progression to Higher Education and/or employment.

Location of study: Bexhill College, Penland Road

Length of programme: 1 year

We continually review and where appropriate, revise the range of units on offer to reflect changes in the subject and ensure the best student experience. We will inform applicants of any changes to the course structure before enrolment.

Apply Now
  • Commencing: Monday 7th September 2020
  • Duration: 1 Year
  • Time: To be confirmed
  • Fees:. Contact Admissions (admissions@bexhillcollege.ac.uk) if 19+ for details of fees.
Email: katherinerush@bexhillcollege.ac.uk
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