3Fall Dance Company and their Visit to Bexhill College (Part 2).

3Fall Dance Company and their visit toe Bexhill College (Part 2).

Featuring an interview with dance teacher Amy Needham. 

Amy Needham is one of the teachers at Bexhill College, her classes being the A Level dance, and the B-Tech dance classes. She also manages the companies w

hich come into the college for workshops or performances such as the Izzard youth Dance company, Collab X Dance Company, and the Elite Dance Company. 

Who are 3Fall Dance Company? 

3Fall Dance Company are a group of about 13 University students from Chichester University that get to perform in the nearby areas and schools/colleges.

What did they do?

3Fall Dance Company perform a contemporary style performance to the A-Level and B-Tech dance students at college. Their performance was just short of an hour. The dance to a lot of quick and upbeat instrumental songs, as well as a few with electronic soundtracks which helped to add some diversity within their performances.

What was their performance like? 

They featured some trio performances, and mini groups which would consist of about 6 people, but they mainly dedicated their time on big ensemble pieces with everyone involved and focusing on contact work within that. Occasionally a solo would emerge within the ensemble piece before going back into the large collaboration. 

What were the dances about?

The dances were choreographed by James Wilton and were about exploring the ideas of space and travel. Amy recalls one of the dances in particular telling a moving tale war which was expressed through the dancer’s physicality and movement. Another piece was about a young girl being torn between her relationship with a male, and with a female, and the struggle between wanting to save both relationships.

What do you think the students learnt from the experience?

I think it was very influencing for them and the students responded really well to the performances and workshops. I think a main part of why the outcome was so well delivered is because the university students are similar ages to them and it definitely gave the college students an insight and excitement to see where they could go next and what they could possibly be doing in a few years’ time.

Overall outlook on the event?

It was really great to have 3Fall in to our college for their involvement with our students. It was really inspiring for the company to work with us, and for our students to have such a successful workshop.


Written by Nicole Calland.