3Fall Dance Company’s Visit to Bexhill College!

3Fall Dance Company and their visit to Bexhill College.

Featuring an interview with a dance student.

Earlier on in the year, the A level and B-Tech dance classes took part in a dance workshop hosted by 4 members from the 3Fall Dance Company as part of the Chichester University dance department. We had an interview with one of the students to share her experiences from the day.

Who were the group that came into the college, and what did they do?

The group that came into our college were called 3Fall Dance Company. They came in to rehearse techniques with us and teach us about movement, floor work, travel (on stage), technique, and partnership in lifts.

What exercises did they do, and how were you involved? 

The dance company ran through some lifts that were demonstrated in partners, and they also provided some examples of floor work and travel for us to see. They had created a routine that was 8 counts of movement before they finished a lift, which they each presented to the class.

What is something you enjoyed about working with them?

[I] really enjoyed the lifting that they demonstrated in the workshop, and being able to practise that with a partner under professional supervision. They were also a lot younger than [I] had expected which made them really easy to talk to and relate to about our experiences because they weren’t shy to talk about those things.

If you could repeat the experience, is there anything you would change?

Overall, I really enjoyed the whole workshop they had produced for us, and I was pleased with all of the different elements they covered. I think the only thing is that I would have liked it to be a little longer, just because we all had so much fun.

What skills did you use or learn during this event?

We used a lot of contact work with our partners and group members during this event. I learnt to be braver in my decisions with lifts and working with someone else.

Are there any skills you have taken from this that you can use in future performances or events?

I have definitely taken away some useful skills in choreography which I can see myself using in the future to also be able to include lifts in my routines and performances. I also have a lot more confidence and experience now which I know will benefit me if I ever go to auditions or performances.

What was your overall outlook on the event?

My overall outlook is that it was really good workshop, and I would definitely do it again if had the option to. I would have like it to be longer, and to have more of an inside perspective on the group’s performance and daily routine with the job, but it was definitely very beneficial and engaging and I know my classmates all enjoyed it, too.


Written by Nicole Calland.