Elf JR: the Musical!

Throughout the cold month of December, the Izzard Theatre was surrounded in tinsel, trees, and teenagers singing Christmas tunes. The second year Performing Arts class had been preparing for their upcoming production of the hit Christmas movie, Elf, only their adaptation would feature song and dance numbers, and lots of tinsel. 

The students began rehearsals on their scenes, and had focused on how they would tell the story of Buddy the Elf and his great adventure on finding his family, and of course, restoring the Christmas spirit back into New York City (because it is a Christmas story, after all). The students spent hours and hours rehearsing the choreography and transitions, perfecting each song they would perform so they could deliver their best when the moment arrived.

When it came to show day, amid all the nerves and last minute chaos, all of the students were excited to go on stage, each bringing their Christmas spirit with them, alike their very own Buddy the Elf. Dressed in bright colours  – visually, a sea of green, red and yellow taking over the theatre, and with a captivating Christmas tree, backdrop, and light music – the story carried out into the evening.

The night was a roaring success, and spectators left in anticipation for Christmas morning, feeling the seasonal warmth radiating all around. Groups of primary schools were welcomed into the theatre for viewings, and it was clear by the wonder on their faces that they were all eager for Santa to visit their homes.  The characters were brought to life, each performed with so much energy and excitement; the dances captivated the lightheartedness of the story, and the songs had everyone moving in their seats. Overall, it was a wonderful way to wrap up the start of their final year in a presentation of their skills and talents, and to bring forth the Christmas season


Written by Nicole Calland.