The Godspell Project – February 2018

Coming Soon:

Announcing our next show at the Izzard Theatre: The Godspell Project.

About The Show

Using current affairs and the musical Godspell as inspiration, our second year performing arts students have devised a piece of theatre.

The show is the final product of their Historical Context in Performance module. This module encourages students to think about performances as more than just people on a stage. It helps them to develop a wider understanding of how and why people create performance art.

The Godspell Project is set in the Calais Jungle refugee camp and tells the story of a collection of refugees. To aid the delivery of the narrative, songs from Godspell feature in the work. The story of the original musical derives from the parables of the Gospels Matthew and Luke. Most of the song lyrics are from traditional hymns.

Unlike a ‘traditional’ show, the performance takes place in several areas of the auditorium, turning the theatre into a transformative space. In this ‘out of the ordinary’ set up, the audience will be able to literally follow the cast during the show.

Due to the style of this show, we are only releasing 100 tickets. Click here to book.

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