Coming Soon: Hamlet – A Performance From Theatre Nation

Coming Soon: Hamlet

Theatre Nation will be visiting us very soon to perform their new production: Hamlet. The performance will take place on February 27th, and is exclusive to our English and Performing Arts students. As aspiring actors and literary figures, our students will benefit greatly from the performance.

In the show, Emily Carding will be playing the lead. Carding is renown for her one-woman interpretation of Richard III. Other performances of Hamlet will take place at St Mary In The Castle and the Rye Creative Centre.

Hamlet Poster

Theatre Nation

Theatre Nation are a local theatre company, based in Hastings. They explore a wide range of theatrical styles, and have a keen interest in working with young people. Their portfolio includes a range of contemporary works.

Shakespeare’s Hamlet

“To be, or not to be? That is the question.” is quite possibly the most famous line from Hamlet. When delivering this line, Hamlet is contemplating his own existence. The play is a tragedy, featuring death and despair in equal measure.