#LoveTheatreDay – November 15th 2017

About #LoveTheatreDay 2017

On November 15th 2017, the Izzard Theatre took part in the fourth annual #LoveTheatreDay. In total, over 700 theatres across the world took part in this social media event.

With Russell the Paper Man as guide, we gave a #Backstage tour of the theatre, covered the Bexhill College Show Choir’s lunchtime concert, and showed our appreciation for theatres everywhere. We also posted a set of #Showtime photos from performances that took place over the 2016/2017 academic year.

#LoveTheatreDay Highlights

Here are a couple of the best pictures from Russell’s #Backstage tour of the theatre.

LoveTheatreDay post of Russell getting ready to go onstage 

Russell getting ready to go onstage.

LoveTheatreDay post of Russell onstage with acting students

Onstage with Acting students!

You can see the full extent of our participation on our Facebook and Twitter pages.