Peter Pan Jr 2019

A wonderful review from Bexhill College student Munise Hussien.

Peter Pan Jr

Izzard Theatre December 2019

The performance of Peter Pan was like nothing I had ever seen before. It was a spectacular show with a perfect mix of singing, dancing and acting from the Performing Arts students. I was fortunate enough to get to see a showing of the performance a few days earlier than opening night, and I can safely say that it is a show to watch. The vibrant lighting and the colourful costumes make for a show you can’t take your eyes away from, not to mention the adorable therapy dog – Harry, who was playing Nana.

The Izzard Theatre was transformed into the magical world of Peter Pan and went from a bleak black stage into the different location of each individual scene. The stage was transformed into the children’s bedroom, the woods in Neverland and lastly Hook’s ship. The props and staging that were seen on stage were all created by the Performing Arts students in pre-production. Their hard work really paid off as without it the show wouldn’t have been as good, and the area would have been left rather bland.

The audience were left booing at Captain Hook and his pirates, laughing at Peter Pan’s misfortune with his shadow, clapping loudly to help bring Tinkerbell back when she fell ill and lastly watching in amazement at the dances of the brave girls, the lost boys and the rest of the cast. It was clear that a lot of work had gone into learning the dances as the choreography was always on the beat and no did a step out of sync. Every inch of the stage was taken up by characters from different groups of Neverland, each one singing and dancing to their own song.
It’s certainly not easy to act on a stage, let alone sing and dance as well with loads of people watching. It was wonderful to see how calm and collected every individual performer. They had amazing focus, with not one single person breaking out of character. They were able to keep the audience entertained whilst keeping up an American accent, lifting people in the air to show flying and performing at high energy.

The finale included all performers allowing the audience to show their appreciation with cheers and a massive round of applause. Everyone left with their spirits high and in a joyous mood after having watched the performance. It really is a show worth watching and although it may not be a Christmas themed you still get the festive feel.

By Munise Hussein, Bexhill college Student