You Should Be Going To The Theatre!

You Should Be Going To The Theatre!

There are many reasons why theatre has been around for thousands of years, and is still growing. The theatre is something magical, and can be a truly extraordinary experience.

First and foremost, the theatre brings people together. Many people go to performances with groups of family members and friends. Theatre can be 3 dimensional, engaging and bring something simple or unbelievably complex to life. There is something truly incredible about Real people acting out a scene as if it were real life right before your eyes, your imagination come to life!

For many, theatre has become a tradition. Maybe it is an annual event with your family. It’s even possible that you go to a theatre every time you’re on holiday. Regardless of the specifics, the theatre can be a wonderful thing to share with one another, and it never gets old! New shows, new theatres (Check out the Izzard Theatre in Bexhill-on-sea), new actors, new directors, you name it… each show will feel new whether you’ve seen it before or not.

Second, much like books and movies, theatre shows allow us to escape for a moment. Not like books or movies though, the theatre often feels more real since the audience shares the same space as the actors. While shows can help us enter the world of the story, and temporarily leave our own lives, this escape can also bring meaning into our lives as well. Maybe the story presents a different perspective of the world that you did not notice before. Often, theatre performances demonstrate to us the love, the strength, and determination, that we need to move forward in our lives.

Live Theatre performances are like the brush strokes on an artist’s canvas, they tell a story within the story, you are close enough to feel the emotion on someone’s face, Feel the warmth of the stage lights, Smell the burning of the candles, something beyond any recorded performance will ever do.

Lastly, just like any art, you can really appreciate the hard work and dedication of the actors, directors, set designers, production staff, etc. that bring amazing shows to you time and time again.

These are just a few incentives why you should go to the theatre. There really are millions. If you love the theatre, what are your reasons for why you go?

By Juan Bishop

Izzard Theatre Manager and Technician